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    Sarha Israel (katikati) akiwa katika picha ya pamoja na Mshindi wa Pili,Tracy Sospeter (kulia) na mshindi wa tatu,Alexia William mara.

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    This theme clearly spells out the ultimate goal of the pageant and get to view the past winners over the years.

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    REDD'S Miss Tanzania is also now on facebook. you can now keep up to date and follow miss tanzania around the world.

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    Our Mission is to develop the artistic talents of young Tanzanians to international standards. view last years contestants.

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Our Background

  • The history of beauty contests in Tanzania can be traced way back to 1960's, when they used to be organized by the Kilimanjaro Hotel. Back then, the participants were mostly from Dar es Salaam city and the contest was not affiliated to Miss World beauty pageant. The winner was therefore not taking part in any international beauty event.

  • In 1968, beauty contests received a very big blow when the then one party Government acting on advice from TANU youth league banned beauty contests on the grounds that they were inconsistent with the Tanzania culture.

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The theme of Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant is ?Beauty with a purpose?. This theme clearly spells out the ultimate goal of the pageant. The goal is not pick the most beautiful girl as a winner just for the sake of it but to use her beauty to further meaningful courses.


Once Miss Tanzania has been selected, she assumes the role of a Goodwill Ambassador. It is common for famous persons the world all over to act as Goodwill Ambassador s on behalf of various organizations in furthering their courses. To be Goodwill Ambassador, one needs to command the admiration of either locally or internationally.

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