The Miss Tanzania Committee consists

Mr. Hashim Lundenga was born on 21st May 1956.

From 1979 - 1994, he worked with Friendship Textile Mill as the Purchasing Officer. In 1981, he was elected as Vice Chairman of Tanzania Disco Music Association (TDMA) which was dealing with promotions of young African artists in dancing. It was through TDMA that he developed an interest in the entertainment industry.

In 1994, he initialized the Miss Tanzania Beauty Pageant and invited Mr. Prashant Patel who was a Director at White Sands Hotel to support him in actualizing it.

He is currently the Managing Director of Lino International Agency Limited. In this capacity, he is the Chief organizer of the Miss Tanzania Beauty Pageant.


Dr. Ramesh Shah

Dr. Ramesh Shah has been with the Miss Tanzania Organizing Committee since its inception in 1994.

Dr. Shah is a qualified Doctor in Complementary Medicine. He also holds professional qualifications in clinical yoga, clinical nature cure, clinical nutrition & health, beauty & skin care and basic exercises. He also has vast experience in nutrition, food hygiene, psychology, family life education, environment and human rights.


Dr. Shah has worked as a consultant with the United Nations, SADC and TISCO. He has also worked in many African and Asian countries and is well versed with various societies and cultures. In addition, he has comprehensive knowledge on art and culture of Tanzania.


Dr. Shah has been a lecturer at the Cooperative College and various Universities. He has also given a series of talks on ethics at the University of Dar es Salaam, on human rights at Bombay University and Zoorastrian College in Mumbai and on food, health and nutrition in Maldives. He has written many development related articles in the news media and is active in social development and human rights activities.


He is currently the Chief Consultant and Coordinator of Judges of the Miss Tanzania Organizing Committee.


Mr. Albert George Makoye

Mr. Albert George Makoye was born on 28th October 1959. He joined the Miss Tanzania Beauty Pageant in 1995 from Cordial Tours & Travel Services where he was working as the Sales Manager.


He holds an IATA Advanced Diploma in ticketing, Certificate of Airline Customer Services and Certificate of Airline Traffic Control 7 (Dangerous Goods).


He was officially appointed as Chief of Protocol in 1999. His duties involves monitoring behaviour of contestants and coordinating participartion of VIP's during district and national contests.





Mr. Bosco Majaliwa

Mr. Bosco Majaliwa "Mshua" was born 1st January 1958. He is married and is an Accountant by profession.


He has been in Miss Tanzania Beauty Pageant since 1994 and is currently the Secretary General of Committee.









Mr. Prakash Pattn

Mr. Prakash Pattni is the Deputy Director for the Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant, which he joined in 1997. He is an active member of the Miss Tanzania Committee and also a judge from district to zonal level.


He is a trained Goldsmith and an Accountant by profession.


As a Goodwill Ambassador, she has two roles. The first is to raise funds for charitable organizations in order to help the less privileged members of society. The second is to sensitize members of the public on issues that are detrimental to society such as HIV/AID, fight against drugs abuse, poverty eradication, gender equality, health, nutrition and environmental conservation.


Mr. Yasson Mashaka

Mr. Yasson Mashaka was born on 3rd May 1968. He is married and is a Civil Technician by profession.


Mr. Mashaka joined the Miss Tanzania Committee in 1996 and he is currently the Promotions Officer.








Mr. Hidan O. Ricco

Mr. Hidan O. Ricco was born on 22nd May 1960. He is married with two children. He is a trained journalist/Public Relations Officer.


In 1992-1994, he was involved in the Miss America Beauty Pageant in Washington DC. USA. In 1999-2003, he was involved in the Coca Cola Popstars and Miss Teen South Africa Beauty Pageant in Johannesburg and Pretoria respectively in South Africa.


He is currently the Public Relations Officer of Lino International Agency Limited





The Miss Tanzania Committee consists of the following:


Managing Director:
Hashim Lundenga

Chief Consultant:
Dr. Ramesh Shah

Chief of Protocol:
Albert George Makoye

Secretary General:
Bosco Majaliwa "Mshua"

Deputy Director:
Prakash Pattni

Promotion Officer:
Yasson Mashaka

Public Relations Officer:
Hidan O. Ricco


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