about miss tanzania
  • objectives

    Since it's re-introduction in 1994, Miss Tanzania beauty pageant has helped the contestants to discover and promote their talents.

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  • duties

    The theme of Miss Tanzania beauty pageant is "Beauty with a Purpose". This theme clearly spells out the ultimate goal of the pageant.

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  • judgeing process

    More than 15 people are proposed to form a panel of Judges. The people proposed are persons of high integrity.

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    The theme of Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant is “Beauty with a purpose”. This theme clearly spells out the ultimate goal of the pageant.

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Organizing Committee

Hashim Lundenga


Dr. Ramesh Shah




Our Mission is to develop the artistic talents of young Tanzanians to international standards. A part from Miss Tanzania, who participates in Miss World Beauty Pageant, it is our goal to participate in other international events.

It is also our stated objective to work closely with organizations that have a similar mission.


The Miss Tanzania Committee consists of the following:


Managing Director:
Hashim Lundenga

Chief Consultant:
Dr. Ramesh Shah

Chief of Protocol:
Albert George Makoye

Secretary General:
Bosco Majaliwa "Mshua"

Deputy Director:
Prakash Pattni

Promotion Officer:
Yasson Mashaka

Public Relations Officer:
Hidan O. Ricco




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ABOUNT the organisers - Lino International Agency Limited

  • Lino International Agency Limited is the holder of the Miss World Beauty pageant franchise in Tanzania, where it is organized as Miss Tanzania Beauty Pageant. Organizing the Miss Tanzania Beauty Pageant involves working closely with various sponsors.

  • Main Activities

    Our core activity is to search for the national beauty queen and enable her to participate in Miss World Beauty Pageant. In the process of the searching for the beauty queen, participants are given training in modeling. They are also trained on personality development and confidence building. This trained enable the participants to get involved in jobs that are artistic in nature.


    We are also involved in charitable activities that are connected with the HIV/AID campaign, fight against drug abuse, poverty eradication, gender equality, health, nutrition and environmental conservation.
  • Vision

    Our vision is to develop recreation activities that are entertaining all over Tanzania. The activities are connected to artistic art like beauty, fashion, modeling, music, theatre and sporting activities.


The history of beauty contests in Tanzania can be traced way back to 1960's, when they used to be organized by the Kilimanjaro Hotel. Back then, the participants were mostly from Dar es Salaam city and the contest was not affiliated to Miss World beauty pageant. The winner was therefore not taking part in any international beauty event.

In 1968, beauty contests received a very big blow when the then one party Government acting on advice from TANU youth league banned beauty contests on the grounds that they were inconsistent with the Tanzania culture.


It was not until 1994 that the Government uplifted the ban imposed on beauty contests following tireless efforts of Lino International Agency Limited who managed to convince the Government about of the importance of beauty contests to the country especially during this era of globalization.


The Prime movers of efforts to convince the Government to allow re-introduction of beauty contests were Mr. Prashant Patel and Mr. Hashim Lundenga. As result of the efforts, beauty contests were allowed. Lino International Agency Limited immediately organized the first ever Miss Tanzania beauty pageant to the required international standards and the winner participated in Miss World beauty pageant for the first time.


When Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant was re-introduction in 1994, it met a lot of resistance from some members of the public, religious group and other pressure groups who associated it with immorality. This can be attributed to lack of understanding the objectives of pageant. However, since 1997, perception has gradually become more positive following campaigns by the organizers to educate the public about the objectives of the pageant. The general public has now accepted the Miss Tanzania pageant and they turn up in large numbers to support it right from district to the national level.


The government is involved in monitoring the Miss Tanzania beauty pageant through National Arts Council (BASATA). This has helped to restore its credibility. The role of BASATA is that of regulator, which involves overseeing the running of beauty contest in order to make sure that the agreed rules, regulations and procedures are followed.





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