The theme of Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant is “Beauty with a purpose”. This theme clearly spells out the ultimate goal of the pageant. The goal is not pick the most beautiful girl as a winner just for the sake of it but to use her beauty to further meaningful courses.


Once Miss Tanzania has been selected, she assumes the role of a Goodwill Ambassador. It is common for famous persons the world all over to act as Goodwill Ambassador s on behalf of various organizations in furthering their courses. To be Goodwill Ambassador, one needs to command the admiration of either locally or internationally.

Due to the popularity of the Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant, the winner automatically becomes a famous public figure, thereby commanding attention. Equipped with such public admiration, the holders of Miss Tanzania title have been able to effectively carry out this task.


As a Goodwill Ambassador, she has two roles. The first is to raise funds for charitable organizations in order to help the less privileged members of society. The second is to sensitize members of the public on issues that are detrimental to society such as HIV/AID, fight against drugs abuse, poverty eradication, gender equality, health, nutrition and environmental conservation.



Selection of Judges

More than 15 people are proposed to inform a panel of Judges. The people proposed are persons of high integrity who occupy respectable positions in society and command respect from the public. Judges are selected just a week before the contest.

In order to be appointed a judge, one must be confident, well educated and should have been connected with either sports, fashion, dancing, singing, arts, crafts, corporate world or the National Arts Council (BASATA).

Judging process

The selected judge s undergo intensive training that is conducted by the Co-ordinator of Judges, Dr Ramesh Shah. Dr Shah has been involved in training the Judge since 1994. The Judge are trained on human rights, Tanzania Culture, BASATA rules and regulations, Miss Tanzania rules and regulations, Miss World rules regulations & judging procedures.


The training also covers psychology, counseling, interview techniques, the concept of beauty, intelligence, fashion an art.


Preliminary judgement

Under the pre-judgment procedures and subsequent judging, the participants are interviewed and assessed by the judges through one to one interview. The provisional list of assessment is then prepared. The participants are evaluated in the area of beauty, intelligence and behavior/conduct.


The Co-ordinator of judges supervises all judging activities. The rest of the final judgement is done on the final day where the preliminary results are confirmed and the final selection procedures are followed. No judges are allowed to share their views or comments with one another and they are not allowed to talk or consume alcohol on the table. Their views are totally independent.


The evaluation results are aggregated by and the Co-ordinator of judges at every stage and results are announced on the stage after the event.

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The objectives of Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant are as follows;



Miss Tanzania beauty pageant aims at entertaining people and same time using the opportunity to inform or sensitize them about different social issues such as use of illicit drugs, child abuse, child labour, female circumcision, etc. This is done through questions that are paused to the contestant during the events, which start at grass root to the national level.


Promotion of Talent

Since it's re-introduction in 1994, Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant has helped the contestants to discover and promote their talents. A number of past contestants are now in fashion business.


Promotion of Tanzania

The Miss World pageant is widely covered by international media. During the Miss World pageant, each contestant gets an opportunity to have an interview with international media to discuss various topics concerning themselves and their counties.


Tanzania's participation in Miss World pageant has provided an opportunity for creating awareness about about the country, which has prompted a wide variety of interests touching on tourism, cultural heritage and investment opportunities.



Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant has helped to create employment to a number of girls who have participated in the pageant. The pageant has established itself as a forum where potential employers identify the girls they intend to employ especially in public relations and advertising business. A number of local firms have engaged past contestants in business promotion, public relations and advertisements.


Inspire others

Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant aspires to select girls who are not only beautiful but also educated. By placing emphasis on education, we create role models who inspire others to place value on education.